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Updated: June 2024

“Submarine” - The Marias
Favorite release this month.
“Cupid Deluxe” - Blood Orange
s/o challengers
“Heaven or Las Vegas” - 
Cocteau Twins

Perfect spring/summer relisten.
“Charm” - Clairo
I adore a sad girl summer with 
some wood instrumentals 

“The Sopranos” 
Currently on season 3 so pls 
no spoilers </3
“La Chimera” (2023)
Had to sit with this one for awhile, haven’t stopped thinking about it since.
“La La Land” (2016)
Rewatched on a recently flight and was reminded why I love it so much!
“Challengers” (2024)
Self explanitory - in desperate need of a rewatch.

“Apartamento: Issue #33”
Interior inspo always.

“Night Sky With Exit Wounds” - Ocean Vuong
Learning to love poetry, starting with one of my favorite authors.
Sociotype Journal Issue 3 “Home”
Probably my favorite magazine atm - all typeset in Socio’s new typeface, what more could I ask for!
“The Beautiful Summer” -
Cesare Pavse
My pick for my recent trip to Italy - self explanitory also :)