Scientific Study of UFOS

Publication Design 

The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects (The Codon Report) was a study, funded by the US Air Force, and conducted between 1966 and 1968 at the University of Colorado by Professor Edward Condon. Through his studies, 
his mission was to break the superstition on whether or not UFOS are real or just a myth.

Given the raw text from the unformatted copy of The Codon Report, with no sense of structure or formatting, the solution to create a 250 plus book with complete creative freedom is to share the research into a completed dynamic system full of grids, tables, and a little bit of play. The overall design choices were inspired by the process of note taking and annotating while going through a book to give the illusion that the Codon Report was being solved right in front of 
our eyes.